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MODELS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MODELS?

A: MODELS stands for Missouri (MO) Developing Excellent Leaders in Science and is a professional development program offered by Science Teachers of Missouri to its members.

Q: Why should I join MODELS?

A: The state of Missouri is about to adopt a new set of Missouri Learning Standards for all subjects. The science standards are not your typical set of standards; instead of just having a list of content that must be covered, the new standards will have a list of content (disciplinary core ideas) that must be interwoven with the "big ideas" of science (crosscutting concepts) and put into practice (science & engineering practices). Participation in the MODELS program will prepare you to do so.

Q: How much does MODELS cost?


Q: How do I apply?

A: Current STOM Members can apply by contacting Carrie Launius ( If you are not a STOM member, you can join for FREE by visiting our "Join Us" page!

Q: Will travel expenses be reimbursed?

A: Cohort members that live more than 200 miles away from the workshop location will be eligible for shared hotel accommodations. Mileage will not be reimbursed by STOM.

Q: Who will be leading the sessions?

A: MODELS cohort members will have the pleasure of learning from nationally-recognized speakers, such as Juliana Texley (Retiring NSTA President), Page Keeley (bestselling author and nationally-recognized expert on formative assessment), Jerry Valadez (NSTA Director of Multicultural/Equity in Science Education), etc.

Q: I am not currently a K-16 science teacher, but I am a (student, preservice science teacher, administrator, curriculum director, professor, other professional involved with science education). Am I eligible to apply?

A: Absolutely! If you are involved with science education in any way, we welcome your application!

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