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Missouri Developing Excellent Leaders in Science (MODELS)

Are you a K-16 teacher interested in FREE professional development over the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the new Missouri Learning Standards for Science? If so, STOM is now accepting applications for the MODELS Cohort II!

This dynamic and highly regarded professional development opportunity includes sessions on topics including the science & engineering practices, using modeling pedagogy, scientific argumentation, and overall three-dimensional science teaching that is crucial to the proper implementation of NGSS and the new Missouri Learning Standards.

Upon certification, you will have a clear understanding of the 3 dimensions of modern science teaching (disciplinary core ideas (DCIs), crosscutting concepts (CCCs), & science and engineering practices (SEPs)). Additionally, participation will allow you to offer PD in your district or across the state.

The first session will be held on April 9, 2016, where you can learn about Science and Literacy with Dr. Wendy Saul.  Dr. Saul is a national leader in the integration of science and literacy, and also does research on creativity in science.  The next meeting will be May 7 with Dr. Jerry Valadez, discussing equity in science education.  Dr. Valadez is the NSTA Director of Multicultural/Equity in Science Education and leads training across the country. Other sessions have included several different experts in science education, such as the following:

    • Page Keeley (Former Director of the Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance and bestselling author of the Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series)
    • Dr. Juliana Texley (Past-President for the National Science Teachers Association)
    • Mariel Milano (NGSS Writing Team Member & Director of Digital Curriculum & Instructional Design for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, FL)

The program will continue with five more training sessions (August - December, Saturdays), as well as a planning session (TBD) and a certification session (TBD).  All sessions will be held in either Columbia or St. Louis.

The best thing is IT IS FREE.  You must commit to attending the sessions.  If you live more than 200 miles from Columbia or St. Louis, shared hotel accommodations will be offered to you.

The application deadline is March 27, 2016.  If you would like to obtain an application, please contact Carrie Launius at  

PLEASE share with ALL K-16 science teachers!

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