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2019 NSTA National Conference (St. Louis): April 11-14, 2019

Missouri Science Learning Standards Professional Development

August 6 - 10  9:00am to 4:00pm
University of Missouri - Columbia Engineering Building

Presenters: Susan German & Betsy O'Day

Come for all 5 days or pick and choose which days fit your needs.
For All Science Educators K-16
Cost: $70 per day or $300 for all five days
includes lunch and snacks

1. What is modeling?
2. Effective modeling practices
3. How to embed models into science lessons

Science Argumentation:
1. Claims - Evidence - Reasoning
2. Smart practices for the classroom
3. Scaffolds to assist students

1. Engineering design process and design briefs
2. Implementing engineering in the science classroom
3. Cascades of practices

1. Formative Assessment
2. Summative Assessment
3. Rubrics and Tasks

Putting It All Together and STEM:
1. Phenomena
2. 3-D Lessons
3. STEM (Google Science Journal)

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3-Dimensional Professional Development

Science Teachers of Missouri is interested in providing professional development for Missouri science teachers. The design of the PD is to help teachers make the shift to the vision of the new Science Missouri Learning Standards and implement three-dimensional teaching in their classrooms. This short, three-question survey will be available until October 31. Please pass this along to any teachers that may be interested.

STOM & NSTA Officially Endorse the March for Science Movement

Following the lead of NSTA, AAAS, and the Earth Day Network, STOM presidential leadership officially endorses the March for Science Movement!

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