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Our mission is to empower science teachers to advocate for excellence in science teaching and learning.

Make Room For Native Plants

Missouri Honeysuckle Project

Goal:  1,000,000  

Invasive Honeysuckle Plants removed from Missouri

Progress: 1,211,077

Log Your Removed Plants HERE.  Progress total updated weekly

Leader Board

Ferguson-Florissant Schools

Columbia Public Schools

Paxton Keeley Elementary

Crestview Middle School


Honeysuckle Sweep Event - Columbia, MO

April 23  9 AM to noon      at Bonnie View Nature Area Parking Lot

Honeysuckle Sweep Event - St. Louis Area

April 9   9 AM to noon      at Little Creek Nature Area                 (Ferguson/Florissant School District)

Join and Log Progress

Become a Partner!

Join to receive e-mail updates on the program.  However, you do not need to join to participate or track progress.

Track Progress!

Click the above link to estimate how many plants you just removed.  This helps us track our goal to removing 1 million invasive honeysuckle plants in Missouri.

Invasive Honeysuckle Project Details

Invasive Plants, such as the honeysuckle bush, are plants that were brought into an area either accidentally or purposefully but are now impacting the native ecosystem in a negative way.

Bush Honeysuckle plants came from Asia and purchased  for landscaping.   Unfortunately, this plant spreads very quickly and has been taking over Missouri forests.   This invasive plant grows so fast and so thick that it chokes out other plants from growing. Over relatively short periods of time, a forest taken over by bush honeysuckle will not be able to replace older trees with newer ones.   

All schools, groups, families, and individuals are invited to participate in the Invasive Honeysuckle Project.   Learning about the impacts of invasive species is an important part of ecosystem science, but it is not often that teachers, students, and families are given such an opportunity to make such an immediate difference.   Follow these steps to become involved int his project to help make room for our native plants!

  1. Use the resources on this page to teach and learn about the invasive bush honeysuckle plant.
  2. Sign up to become an official partner in this project by clicking this LINK.   Signing up will give you exciting and informative e-mail updates about the project.  
  3. Track your progress in help to reach our goal of removing 1 million bush honeysuckle plants in Missouri!   Each time you remove the invasive plants estimate how many your removed and come back here to log the number of plants removed.    CLICK HERE for log.
For more information on this project please contact the project director, Mike Szydlowski, at mszydlowski@cpsk12.org.  


Missouri Invasive Plant Species Taskforce

An initiative of the Missouri Prairie Foundation's Grow Native! program

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