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2016 STOM Awards

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Elementary Science Award

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Secondary Science Award

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Missouri Citizen Science Project

        Invasive Honeysuckle Project         

STOM is excited to announce a new large scale citizen science project!   We teach about invasive species all the time but rarely do we get such an opportunity to make a difference.   

STOM, along with the help of many organizations, has developed the MO Honeysuckle removal project with the goal to remove one million of the plants in 2016.   These plants are choking out our natural forests at a very rapid rate.  

Check out the Honeysuckle Project page to learn how to get you and/or your students involved.  


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Missouri Learning Standards

On April 19, 2016, the State Board of Education passed the new MO Learning Standards for Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies. This work came because of House Bill 1490. As you know, the Science Teachers of Missouri  (STOM) Leadership has been quite active from the very start of this process as quality standards are critical to Missouri students. After the completion of the draft standards by the HB190 elementary and secondary workgroup, STOM was able to suggest some important edits to the standards to strengthen the progression and three-dimensional components of the standards – particularly in the area of K-5 science. STOM has endorsed the approved standards in both K-5 and 6-12 Science.  These standards go beyond the low-level memorization of content by placing more emphasis on scientific problem solving, analysis, interpretation, and communication. The new standards will go a long way to give all Missouri students access to high quality science. However, new standards do not automatically mean greater student achievement. Teachers and administrators will need adequate professional development in order to truly make the switch to the higher quality standards. In addition, greater emphasis will need to be placed on elementary science in order to meet the objectives later on in the progression. STOM is here to help teachers and districts as we all experience this great journey.


Mike Szydlowski

2016 STOM President


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