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Our mission is to empower science teachers to advocate for excellence in science teaching and learning.

Greg Matthews

Hello, my name is Greg Mathews. I have been teaching science in Missouri Schools for 11 years. I have always been passionate about teaching and am always looking for new and exciting ways to help increase my knowledge and gain experience that I can use in the classroom. I have taught in two different districts, Raytown C-2 and Lee’s Summit R-7. While both considered suburban districts, they are distinctly different in the challenges that students face in the science classroom. I believe that I have gained many insights to working with students and teachers from these areas, this is something that I would bring to the table as the Suburban Director. 

I look forward to working with and collaborating with science teachers from across the state, especially with the implementation and testing of the new Missouri Science Standards. I have been working with these standards for the last three years and have been helping with the writing and curriculum implementation of the Biology standards in the Lee’s Summit R-7 district. One of the strongest tools we as teachers possess is the ability to communicate and collaborate ideas and designs, explore innovative approach to science learning, and help create a passion in the classroom with both students and teachers alike. This would be my main goal as the Suburban Director to create an atmosphere of learning and collaboration and to be the voice for the suburban districts across the state of Missouri. Pictured above is my loving and supportive family, my son Cade and my wife Brittany. 

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