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Our mission is to empower science teachers to advocate for excellence in science teaching and learning.

2022 STOM Award Categories

Excellence in K-12 Science Teaching Award

Robin Kyles Trailblazer Award

Science Cultivator Award

Champion of Science Award

Charles R. Granger Legacy Award

Click here to access the 2022 nomination form. Nominees will be notified and invited to complete an application for consideration. Submit nomination forms by September 30, 2022.

Congratulations to STOM's 2021 awardees
Virtual award ceremony

Champions of Science Award
presented to The Saint Louis American Newspaper

The Champions of Science award recognizes an individual, a business, or an organization that promotes and supports science education.

Pre-Service/New Teacher Award
presented to Ashton Ratliff of Verona R-7

The Pre-Service/New Teacher award recognizes a pre-service or new teacher who demonstrates potential for exemplary K-12 science teaching at the beginning of their career.

Technology Innovator Award
presented to Megan Lilien of The Mizzou Academy
The 2021 Technology Innovator award recognizes a teacher who creates student success in virtual learning.

Excellence in K-12 Science Teaching Award
presented to Tasha Moss of Hazelwood
presented to Thomas Laybourn of Northwest R-1
The Excellence in Science Teaching award recognizes outstanding PK-12 science teaching.

Robin Kyles Trailblazer Award
presented to Rhonda Stovall of Saint Louis Public Schools
The Robin Kyles Trailblazer award recognizes a teacher who promotes a love of science by working with diverse and under-resourced populations.

Robin was the educator that reminds us that each teacher is meant to have a massive impact. At their core, children are not meant to be common- they were born to be meteorites, darting across space and time, leaving their mark as they crash into everything. You might see a crater, but Robin would remind you that the crater means something amazing happened right there; an enduring impact that shook the whole world.

Just as Donovan Livingston once said, Robin knew that injustice is telling students they are stars without acknowledging the night that surrounds them. She knew that high expectations are the answer. Teachers who have higher expectations influence students to perform better. This has the potential to begin a domino effect that touches many areas of their lives and ultimately helps them to achieve their purpose.

Charles R. Granger Legacy Award
presented to STOM's first recipient, Dr. Charles R. Granger
The Charles R. Granger Legacy award recognizes someone who has a history of promoting science education throughout their career and has made substantial contributions to the science education community.

Presidential Citation Award
presented to Kristen McKinney by STOM President, Olga Hunt
The 2021 Presidential Citation award recognizes Kristen for her dedication and support of science education in Missouri.

    NSTA Awards

    NSTA offers awards that provide teachers with money for their classrooms and that help defray costs to attend the NSTA National Conference. Check them out by clicking HERE.

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