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Erica Cox

Erica’s early interest in teaching and learning led to a career in teaching—15 years teaching middle and high school science and serving eight years as Science Department Head for a large Missouri school district. She also worked extensively with science curriculum for grades K-12, as well as the science standards for Missouri. She worked in-state and also in California at the testing company on the Missouri state assessment, writing items and scoring the test. She also spent one year working for our state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in a cooperative program in which she traveled around southwest Missouri and worked with schools, administrators, teachers and students. While in the classroom, she received both local and state teaching awards.

Currently, Erica teaches the Middle School Science Methods course for MSU Biology and works with students and teachers at the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, Inc. in Springfield. Erica is also the state coordinator for Missouri Project WET Foundation and the Co-Coordinator for Missouri Project Learning Tree.

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